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Real Advice for Real Challenges

Global compliance scaled for your business

About Us

Forstai Cyber Kinetics LLC (FCK Legal) is a law firm dedicated to the global digital transformation.  We recognize and respect that cybersecurity and data protection are the foundation of digital human rights.  Our mission is to provide global enterprises of all sizes with practical advice on structuring and building a scalable model of digital legal compliance that enables their success.

We also recognize that innovators should not be held back by the academic musings of lawyers in ivory towers.  We offer real-world, practical guidance (sometimes irreverently phrased) in partnership with innovators and defenders of technology.


Practice in this area of law demands a sense of humor (often a bit of a dark sense of humor) which we try to maintain while still taking your subject matter, challenges, and opportunities with the utmost seriousness and sincerity.  We know innovators want a lawyer who “gets it” when it comes to artifical intelligence, cybersecurity, data governance, and business growth.

If you know you need a lawyer but don’t want someone who will hold your business back, you’re probably already thinking FCK Legal.  Now you can hire us. 

Connect for Growth

Small teams with large responsibilities face unique challenges. For those who don't need legal advice or consulting services, peer coaching is available. 

Actionable advice for legal compliance

Laws impacting technology are complex and frequently changing. Get practical advice designed to keep moving business forward.

Scale for Transformation

One size doesn't fit all.  Get legal or operational advice designed to work with where you are now and move prepare you for the next phase of business and technology growth. 

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